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Head brewer

Full time

TaleSpinner Brewery


TaleSpinner Brewery is hiring an enthusiastic and industry-experienced head brewer ahead of its grand opening. Our ideal hire is varied in skills and experience; they are passionate about beer and professional growth, and will be experienced in the areas of brewhouse, cellar, and packaging. They are excited to grow with the team and enhance their creativity and focus while in a leadership role. TaleSpinner Brewery will also be working in conjunction with its upstairs neighbor and partner, Rambling House, a restaurant, café and bar. The two will work closely together on projects in the bar, farm-to-table dining room, café, and rooftop deck overlooking the Nashua River.

  • Craft unique yet familiar beers to match brewery vision

  • Work occasional weekend hours/special events, in addition to standard schedule

  • Maintain highest cleanliness and safety standards

  • Maintain, clean, and sanitize all brewing equipment, brewery operations area, and lab, keeping brewery vessels in tour-worthy condition

  • Responsibility for all aspects of wort production, cellaring, and packaging

  • Assemble, maintain, regularly clean, and troubleshoot draft beer systems

  • Unload, store, document, use, and maintain all ingredients, chemicals, and solutions in accordance with regulatory guidelines and SOPs

  • Load, unload, transport, move, store and secure materials, bags, containers, pallets or crates safely and securely around the facility

  • Formulate, scale-up, and document brewing processes and recipes

  • Conduct sensory analysis and help conduct sensory panels with follow-up correction and improvement

  • Leadership role

    • Work closely with ownership and Director of Brewery Operations, participating in training of/work with future team hires to fulfill responsibilities and achieve goals

    • Remain a flexible team player, willing to adapt, collaborate, and wear many hats

    • Interact professionally and graciously with employees, vendors, distributors, and the general public

    • Participate in creating beer descriptions and educating brewery front-of-house and Rambling House staff to best serve customers

    • Be involved with craft brewing associations, groups, and networking events to further industry knowledge and gain insight into potential improvements

    • Participate in the analysis of beer sales trends (from POS) to help the brewery focus on customer preferences

    • Foster a culture of life-long learning, internal collaboration, safety, and continuous process improvement


  • Minimum 5-10 years of experience in brewery production

  • Minimum 2 years of experience with the title (or responsibilities) of head brewer OR extensive experience running a complex brewhouse (10bbl+) and cellar (20bbl+)

  • Software/Analytical skills (e.g., formulation/brewery software, Excel formulas, POS/inventory reports)

  • Ability to articulate brewing process and beer knowledge to brewers, vendors, and customers appropriate to their knowledge and interest

  • Comfortable calling vendors/distributors directly; basic negotiation skills

  • Enthusiasm, creativity, consistency, and attention to detail

  • Any experience with hop contracts, sours, wild, lagers, or barrel aging is valued

  • Lifting and moving up to 60 lbs. at shoulder height

  • Maneuvering 165 lbs., and lifting full kegs with another team member approximately 3 feet

  • Maneuvering full pallets with a pallet jack, and sliding or wheeling bins of spent grain

  • Working in an environment with up to 85 decibel or less noise level (with ear protection for extra protection, or as needed to achieve 85 decibels)

  • Prolonged walking, standing, kneeling, crouching, and lifting

  • Working over, under, and in tight spaces around potentially dangerous/hot/moving machinery

  • Working in extreme environments including those that are hot, cold, wet, and slippery

  • Working at heights and using stairs and ladders repeatedly

  • Using and wearing of PPE, when required by the job


Competitive benefits offered